Application Open for LA Flea Market (los angeles)

Saturday, June 12, 2010 by kelly

applications open for LA Flea Market!!
And the pitch is...
It's Dodger Stadium! Every Month we will be hosting the LA Flea Market. Tons of open space, beautiful views, ample parking, fair rates and lots of extras you won't see at any other venue.

Reservations are being accepted now on a first come first served basis. All sales are subject to review. Once you purchase your seller ticket, you will notified with 48 hours to confirm your participation. PD Markets has the right to refund your ticket based on our availability. See our guidelines section for Interim Rules and more information.
Introductory Rates:
10x10 space, no car $75 (must drive in, unload and park in the adjoining lot prior to setting up your space)
10x10 corner space, no car $95
20x20 space, with car $95
20x20 corner space, with car $125
Packaged Food Spaces
10x10 space, no car $95 + 12% of sales

Prepared Food Spaces
space size determined upon approval
space $300 + (12% of sales, if over $2500 of gross sales)

Introductory Rates are good for the first show, until the event sells out. We have limited the number of spaces to 600 for the Grand Opening. 

Vendor TIcket Sales:
We are currentlty selling tickets for the July 18th Grand Opening and our 2nd and 3rd shows. Once your application is  approved, you can purchase your tickets online or by sending your Money Order or Bank Checks to our Office.
Spaces right now will be assigned 1 or 2 weeks prior to the show, however starting the 2nd show, you will able to select your booth space on our Online Ticketing system. 

Set up and Break down
Set up begins at 5:00am and must be complete by 6:30am. If you have a space designated with no car, then you must drive in, unload and park in the adjoining lot prior to setting up your space. You may not leave the market until 4:30pm. All Vendors must be off property by 6:30pm.
Apply Here:

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