City Art Gallery...Crafters Wanted! (sf)

Friday, April 23, 2010 by kelly

City Art Gallery at 828 Valencia in the Mission offers a great opportunity to showcase your jewelery, small crafts or sculpture. The gallery display case provides plenty of room to create a unique presentation of your work and is often times the first thing a visitor sees when entering the gallery. There is also three floor spaces, two in the front window, for sculpture/3D work.
Please follow this link to find out how to join.

And please come by the Gallery to see how your work could be showcased to great potential. Our sales have held strong and because of our business model, eighty percent of every sale goes directly to artists, we keep our prices very affordable to our patrons.

CITY ART is a cooperative art gallery owned and managed by local San Francisco Bay Area artists. Its mission is to make artwork accessible to a greater spectrum of society, while at the same time, promote creative awareness and expression in the local arts community.
Belonging to CITY ART gives you exposure to thousands of new potential customers looking to purchase your art. Our Valencia Street location provides abundant foot traffic from noon to 9 p.m. five days a week. In addition, membership at CITY ART provides you access to hundreds of art buyers on CITY ART's mailing list. The gallery holds exhibit openings on the first Friday of each month and in addition we have many monthly events, all which attract hundreds of potential art buyers to the gallery.

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