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Sunday, April 4, 2010 by kelly
Oakland's very own Crooked Sister ( an amazingly through list of online resources available to crafters looking to sell their goods/improve their current crafting operations on etsy forums for all to partake in.a big thank you Crooked Sister for taking the time and making our lives a little easier!!

Please take a moment to visit the original posting as well and leave a comment if you have any resources to add to the list...

the posting:

I have been noticing a lot of people asking about how to find out about upcoming craft fairs lately. I am constantly on the look out for resourceful craft show websites so I decided to compile a list of sites that I know of as well as other craft show links. Hope people find this helpful. And please feel free to add to this list. I will most likely update it at the end of the day with any additions. (more after the jump...)

***Craft Show Listing Websites***
(This link is just for the current blog posting, so I recommend checking the blog periodically for updates or googling "Craftzine this week in craft fairs" for an updated list.)

Check out local/individual craft mafia websites as they are most likely organizing local events. Go here to find a craftmafia near you:

Book Guide:

*Big Craft/Trade Events that happen across the country*

Renegade Craft Fair

Pool Trade Show:

American Craft Council
(Click on the Shows & Markets icon on the website for exhibitor information.)

**GOOD TIP** ALWAYS join the mailing list of an event you are interested in, even if the deadline has passed. This is the best way to receive updates!

**Special California/Bay Area Craft Resource**
This is a facebook fan page my friend created. It is a great resource for California Bay Area/SoCal events!/Handmadecollective?ref=sgm

***Craft Show Advice from the Etsy Forums***

Information on Craft Show Credit Card/Propay:

***Etsy Storque Craft Fair Tips***

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